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DataCapable’s Outage
& Event Map

Quick-Access Outage Management System & Mapping

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Transform Outage and Event Reporting.

In moments of crisis, from severe storms to unexpected service disruptions, the need for timely and thorough information becomes critical. The DataCapableTM Platform's Outage and Event Map provides an easy-to-use, visual platform that not only tracks and reports utility outages but also offers a range of functionalities for both users and administrators such as tracking the status of charging stations, pay stations, and other critical infrastructure elements.

Real-Time Mapping.

Crafted for utilities, our outage management system can be easily embedded on desktop or mobile devices, allowing administrators to add layers of real-time data to inform constituents of events happening in their community. This includes serious events, the status of charging stations, pay stations, and other critical infrastructure elements, natural disasters, power grid alerts, and follow-up plans for power restoration and work completion. The platform can include every data point you need to empower your community and customers with the information they need.

Mobile Friendly

Track and visualize power outages across a utility’s service area on your mobile device

Easy Reporting

Customers can effortlessly report issues and incidents such as outages, trees on power lines, and street light outages

Real-Time Info

Offer customers real-time information about outages impacting their service

of Events.

With the DataCapable Outage and Event Map, navigating the complexities of incident management is streamlined through expertly designed visualization tools.

Industries Benefiting from Our
Outage and Event Map


Real Time Information

Keep customers updated and informed to respond effectively to outages and other major events.


Forecasting and Compliance

Utilize stored data to better forecast future events and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, advancing operations.

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Discover how our outage and event management solutions have empowered utilities to transform their operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Outage and Event Map FAQ

What is an Outage Management System (OMS)?

An Outage Management System (OMS) is a specialized software solution designed to efficiently manage and restore power outages within a utility’s service area. It automates the process of detecting, analyzing, and resolving outages, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.

How does an Event Management System differ from an OMS?

An Event Management System focuses on the broader scope of managing various types of events affecting the utility network, including but not limited to power outages. It encompasses planning, monitoring, and responding to events to ensure minimal disruption and optimal communication with stakeholders.

Can the Outage and Event Map integrate with my current utility systems?

Yes, our outage and event management system is designed for seamless integration with existing utility systems, including Customer Information Systems (CIS) and Operational Management Systems (OMS), to provide a unified platform for outage and event management.

What features does a power outage map offer?

Our Outage Map offers real-time visualization of current outages within the service area, including details such as the cause, affected areas, estimated restoration times, and status updates. It enhances transparency and communication with customers during service disruptions.

How can a service disruption map benefit my utility?

A service disruption map benefits your utility by providing a dynamic tool to track and communicate various service disruptions, not limited to power outages, such as gas leaks or water main breaks. It improves situational awareness and facilitates a more coordinated response.

What is a utility outage tracker?

A utility outage tracker is a component of outage management software that allows utilities to monitor, record, and analyze outage data. It helps identify patterns, improve response strategies, and enhance overall reliability and customer satisfaction.

Can the system provide network outage visualization for areas outside of electrical services?

Yes, our system can provide network outage visualization for various utility services beyond electricity, including gas, water, and telecommunications, offering a comprehensive view of service disruptions across all network types.

Is it possible to report power outages and events directly through the power outage map?

Yes, both customers and utility field crews can report power outages directly through the platform. This feature ensures timely updates and enhances the accuracy of outage information available to all stakeholders.

How does the outage map help?

Outage Map is a power restoration map that provides real-time updates on restoration efforts, showing areas currently being worked on, completed restorations, and prioritized next steps. It offers customers transparency on the progress towards service restoration.

What makes your outage tracking software stand out?

Outage Map, also known as outage tracker software, stands out due to its comprehensive integration capabilities, real-time updates, customizable features for specific utility needs, and its focus on enhancing both operational efficiency and customer experience during outage events.

How does an outage management system enhance response times?

An outage management system enhances response times by automating the detection and analysis of outages, enabling utility providers to quickly dispatch repair crews and restore service efficiently.

What role does outage management system software play in utility infrastructure management?

Outage management system software plays a crucial role in utility infrastructure management by providing real-time data on outages, facilitating coordinated responses, and integrating with other management tools to optimize overall utility operations.

Can outage management system software help with predictive maintenance?

Yes, outage management system software can help with predictive maintenance by analyzing historical outage data and identifying patterns that indicate potential future issues, allowing utilities to address problems before they cause service disruptions.

How does an outage management system improve customer communication?

An outage management system improves customer communication by providing real-time updates on outage status, estimated restoration times, and detailed information on the cause of outages, helping to keep customers informed and reduce uncertainty.

What are the key benefits of implementing outage management system software for utilities?

Implementing outage management system software offers key benefits such as improved operational efficiency, faster response times to outages, enhanced customer communication, and the ability to integrate with other utility management tools for a comprehensive management solution.

How does outage management system software ensure data accuracy?

Outage management system software ensures data accuracy by leveraging automated data collection and real-time updates from various integrated sources, reducing the potential for human error and providing precise information to utility operators and customers.

What are the cost-saving benefits of using an outage management system?

Using an outage management system can lead to cost-saving benefits by minimizing downtime through quicker restoration efforts, optimizing resource allocation, and reducing the operational costs associated with manual outage management processes.

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