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Keeping You Connected and Informed

The Community Portal is a software solution that helps utilities, municipalities, law enforcement, and emergency response teams coordinate and communicate during crises through a customizable municipal dashboard:

Mobile Friendly

Enable quick identification of critical impact zones & keep updated on response and recovery progress.


Pinpoint and communicate areas of concern through the municipal dashboard.


Share action plans with partners and stakeholders through text and email for efficient response.

Get the Information You Need,
When You Need It.

In times of disaster or utility disruption, effective communication between services and the community is crucial. The DataCapable® Platform™ Community Portal is a centralized communication and coordination platform for real-time engagement for residents, utilities, and emergency services. During storms and outages, utilities can share operational data and coordinate emergency response with municipal leaders and other stakeholders through the municipal portal.

  • Streamlines information for crisis response management

  • Provides utility disruption updates for customer trust and transparency

  • Centralizes essential alerts and updates to keep communities safe and informed

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Strengthen Your Community’s Ties

Dive into the capabilities of the Community Portal, where functional tools meet user-friendly design and advanced coordination to elevate your community’s resilience. Our municipal portal integrates effortlessly, providing the following features:

Direct Engagement & Incident Reporting

Enables real-time incident reporting and photo uploads for better situational awareness and community feedback.

Comprehensive Collaboration & Integration

Enables collaboration between utilities, municipalities, and emergency responders with storm planning, real-time mapping, and outage management updates.

Accessibility & Real-Time Updates

Our platform provides secure access to critical information for regulatory bodies, mayors, and first responders. Sensitive data is protected with role-based access controls and municipal-specific layers.

Enhanced Communication Tools

Storm mode banners, DMs for leaders, live video conferencing, and customizable interfaces/alerts enhance communication for effective damage assessment and resource coordination.

Advanced Tracking & Analytics

The admin panel tracks community events and provides analytics on portal usage, including traffic sources and user locations.

Uniting & Serving Industries
with Community Portal

Public Sector Collaboration

Public Sector Collaboration

Elevates utilities and municipalities with tools for swift communication, ensuring rapid crisis response and community safety.

Critical Infrastructure Coordination

Critical Infrastructure Coordination

Enhances the resilience of public works, transportation, and healthcare facilities, keeping essential services operational during emergencies.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Connects efficient emergency response and resource allocation, keeping all stakeholders informed and collaborative.

Discover the Impact of Connected Communities

Read how our Community Portal has transformed emergency management and utility response for Central Hudson Gas & Electric (CHGE), fostering safer, more informed communities.

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Community Portal FAQ

What is a community portal platform?

A community portal platform is a comprehensive online tool designed to facilitate communication and coordination between utilities, municipal entities, emergency management teams, and residents. It serves as a centralized hub for sharing real-time alerts, updates, and information during crises such as power outages, storms, and other emergency situations, enhancing community resilience and preparedness.

How can a municipal portal benefit local government and communities?

A municipal portal enables local governments to communicate directly with their constituents, providing essential updates on emergency alerts, crisis response efforts, and disaster alerts. It’s a pivotal tool for maintaining public safety, distributing emergency management alerts, and fostering a sense of unity and trust within the community.

How does the Community Portal improve emergency responses?

By centralizing information and communication channels, ensuring swift, coordinated action across all sectors involved in crisis management.

Can the Community Portal integrate with existing utility and municipal systems?

Absolutely. Our platform is designed for seamless integration, enhancing current operational frameworks with advanced communication capabilities.

What features does a utility portal offer for managing utility outages?

A utility portal offers real-time tracking and notification of utility outages, including power outage alerts and electric outage alerts. It allows utilities to share important information regarding outage causes, restoration times, and safety precautions, significantly improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction during utility disruptions.

Can the portal be used for emergency portal communication during natural disasters?

Yes, the community portal acts as an emergency portal, providing a critical communication platform during natural disasters. It supports emergency management by distributing storm alerts, disaster response updates, and facilitating the coordination of crisis response efforts among emergency services, utilities, and municipal bodies.

How does the crisis portal enhance crisis alerts and information sharing?

The crisis portal enhances crisis alerts by enabling real-time dissemination of vital information and emergency alerts portal functionality during crises. It ensures that all stakeholders, including emergency management teams and the general public, receive up-to-date crisis alerts, contributing to more effective and timely crisis management.

What makes the emergency management portal essential for disaster response?

An emergency management portal is essential for disaster response as it centralizes emergency management alerts, facilitates swift communication of disaster alerts, and supports collaborative efforts among emergency responders. It aids in streamlining the disaster response process, ensuring a coordinated approach to emergency situations.

How do outage notification portals improve community awareness during service disruptions?

Outage notification portals significantly improve community awareness during service disruptions by providing instant access to utility outage alerts, including power outage alerts and electric outage alerts. These platforms enable residents to stay informed about the status of outages, expected restoration times, and safety instructions, thereby reducing panic and confusion.

Can the community portal be customized for specific emergency alerts and notifications?

Absolutely. The community portal is highly customizable, allowing organizations to tailor the types of emergency alerts and notifications distributed through the platform. Whether it’s for storm response, power restoration, or another crisis event, the portal can be adapted to meet the unique needs and preferences of each community.

Elevate Your Community Strength

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