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Introducing DataCapable's Suite
of Software Solutions.

At DataCapable, we understand the critical need for rapid and accurate information during emergencies and outages. Our suite of solutions is meticulously designed to revolutionize the utility industry. Our comprehensive platform leverages the latest in AI and machine learning technologies to provide utilities with unparalleled operational insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Threat Detector

Your Early Warning System

Threat Detector by DataCapable is a human analyst powered early warning system, backed by AI, to detect and contextualize a wide range of threats. From natural disasters to infrastructure disruptions, our platform transforms vast data streams into actionable intelligence, enabling timely and informed decision-making.

AI Enhanced

Rapid and AI-powered detection of potential threats.

Human Analyst

Ensures reliability and on-going updates as the event unfolds.

Alert Parameters

Tailor notifications to meet specific needs.

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Community Portal

Collaborative Emergency Response

DataCapable’s Community Portal is a robust platform designed to foster collaboration and streamline communication between utilities, municipalities, first responders, and regulatory bodies. By providing a unified view of critical information, it enhances the efficiency of emergency responses and community engagement.

Data Sharing

Share and access critical incident information.

Integrated Communication

Ensure clear, direct messaging among local organizations and community leaders.


Secure, role-based access to sensitive information.

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Outage & Event Map

Mobile-friendly Outage Map

The Outage & Event Map from DataCapable offers utilities a comprehensive, interactive tool to communicate critical information effectively. This solution enhances customer service by providing accurate, real-time updates on service disruptions and restoration efforts.

Interactive Outage

Share and access critical incident information.


Deliver automated, timely updates to customers, increasing transparency and trust.


 Easily integrates with existing operational systems, boosting efficiency and response times.

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Each of DataCapable’s solutions brings unparalleled value, innovative technology, and a commitment to enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Whether facing natural disasters, managing outages, or coordinating emergency responses, our suite of software solutions is here to empower your organization.

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