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Electric Utility Outage Software
Solutions with DataCapable

Outage Response Software When you Need It.

Discover how DataCapable empowers utilities to surpass customer expectations, even in the face of unexpected outages or infrastructure threats. Our outage response software solution, tailored for the energy sector, delivers the timely information you need, helping you make rapid, informed responses for safety, impact mitigation, and swift recovery. As part of out comprehensive utility outage management system, we ensure that your operations remain resilient and efficient.

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DataCapable’s Gas & Electric Utility
Outage Response Software Solutions

Outage & Event Map

Our mobile-first design caters to the modern consumer, ensuring information is accessible on any device and boosting community trust and engagement in one outage response software.

  • Mobile Friendly

    More than 70% of customers view their outage information on mobile devices. The DataCapable Platform was designed to function fully on any size screen.

  • Instant Two-way Communication

    Our cloud-based outage response software keeps your customers informed and communities protected as outages develop, allowing them to plan accordingly.

  • Flexible Integration

    Merge your organization’s different systems into a single, all-encompassing reporting and communication tool, part of our robust work management systems for utilities.

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Threat Detector

Receive trusted, validated, and detailed crisis alerts with vital information needed to assess threat levels and respond accordingly.

  • 24/7 Human-Validated Events

    Trained analysts ensure the validity, location, and important details of threats. They notify your organization so you can confidently deploy responders.

  • One-step-ahead

    Know where and how to respond quickly and efficiently to critical events that threaten public safety, crews, and assets.

  • Trustworthy Intelligence

    Detailed intelligence allows your team to focus on what’s important while you keep a pulse on response and recovery.

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Community Portal

A robust communication channel that connects utilities with critical community facilities and stakeholders, ensuring everyone stays informed during emergencies.

  • Emergency Response Coordination:

    Facilitates efficient coordination among utilities, municipalities, and first responders, improving overall emergency response efforts.

  • Configurable Data Sharing:

    Offers configurable ArcGIS layers that enhance collaboration and information sharing among trusted community partners.

  • Detailed Field Reporting:

    Enables trusted partners to submit detailed field reports, improving situational awareness and response strategies.

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Trusted by Millions

Join the ranks of utilities that rely on DataCapable’s gas & electric utility outage software

Scalable Solutions for Every Utility Type

  • Precise Event Tracking

    Gain detailed insights with geo-location data, understanding the scope and impact of incidents to manage resources effectively.

  • Human-in-the-Loop Validation

    Rely on expert analysts for accurate incident validation, ensuring targeted and trustworthy response strategies.

  • Efficient Regulatory Reporting

    Simplify post-event reporting with our platform’s historical data exports, meeting regulatory requirements with reduced effort.

  • Customizable Scalability

    Adapt the DataCapable Platform to fit your cooperative’s size and budget, ensuring you get precisely what you need without excess.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Streamline work management systems for utilities to maximize team efficiency, enabling more work with fewer resources.

  • Seamless Technology Integration

    Enjoy interoperability with existing work management systems for utilities, eliminating the need for further investments.

  • Performance Optimization

    Overcome budgetary limitations by unlocking new levels of productivity, ensuring high performance with available resources.

  • Rapid Customer Response

    Address power loss and service challenges swiftly and more effectively than ever, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Cloud-Based Flexibility

    Benefit from a cloud solution that effortlessly scales to demand, providing a cost-effective approach to utility management.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Utility
Outage Management & Operations?

DataCapable isn’t just a service provider; we’re your partner in innovation and success. By integrating our state-of-the-art Electric Utility Outage Response Software, you’re not just preparing for emergencies; you’re transforming the way you manage energy and respond to challenges.

DataCapable’s Utility Solutions FAQ

What is electric utility outage software?

Electric Utility Outage Software by DataCapable is a comprehensive outage response software is designed to enhance how utilities manage and respond to power outages. It integrates real-time outage analytics, electrical outage mapping tools, and grid outage monitoring to provide utilities with the insights needed to efficiently manage outages and communicate with customers.

How does grid outage monitoring work?

Our grid outage monitoring utilizes advanced sensors and analytics across the utility network to detect and report outages in real-time. This enables utilities to quickly identify affected areas, streamline energy outage response, and reduce downtime for customers.

Can DataCapable's solutions help with energy outage response?

Absolutely. Yes, our comprehensive outage response software is designed to support utilities in effectively managing and responding to energy outages, ensuring minimal disruption and swift recovery. By leveraging real-time outage analytics, utilities can prioritize response efforts and restore service more quickly.

What makes your electrical outage mapping tool stand out?

DataCapable’s electrical outage mapping tool stands out for its accuracy, user-friendliness, and integration capabilities. It provides detailed visualizations of outage locations and scopes, helping utilities and customers stay informed during outages.

How can real-time outage analytics benefit our utility?

Real-time outage analytics provide your utility with immediate insights into outage causes, impacts, and recovery progress. This data-driven approach enhances decision-making, improves customer communication, and supports efficient resource allocation.

What is energy management software?

Energy management software from DataCapable offers a suite of tools for monitoring and optimizing the distribution and consumption of energy. It supports utilities in achieving operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and advancing sustainable energy practices.

Are your utility management solutions customizable?

Yes, our utility management solutions are highly customizable to meet the specific needs of your utility. Whether it’s grid management, customer engagement, or integrating renewable energy sources, our platform can adapt to your requirements.

Can your software assist with utility outage reporting?

Our utility outage reporting software simplifies the process of reporting and managing outages, providing utilities and their customers with up-to-date information. It enhances transparency and trust by keeping all stakeholders informed throughout the outage lifecycle.

Do you offer utility data analytics solutions?

Yes, DataCapable provides robust utility data analytics solutions that analyze vast amounts of data from various sources. This empowers utilities with actionable insights for improving operations, customer service, and emergency response strategies.

How does your software support utility sector emergency response?

Our outage response software enhances utility sector emergency response by offering tools for rapid incident assessment, communication, and coordination. Utilities can manage resources more effectively and respond to emergencies with greater confidence.

What role does digital transformation for utilities play in modern utility management?

Digital transformation is crucial for modernizing utility operations, improving service delivery, and addressing the evolving expectations of customers. Our solutions facilitate this transformation by integrating digital technologies into core utility functions, driving efficiency, and innovation.

Can your platform monitor water utilities as well?

Yes, our water utility monitoring systems are designed to oversee water distribution networks, detect leaks or disruptions, and support efficient water management practices, contributing to conservation efforts and operational excellence.

Does DataCapable offer solutions for integrating renewable energy management?

DataCapable supports the integration of renewable energy sources into utility operations with solutions that monitor, analyze, and optimize the generation, distribution, and consumption of renewable energy, aligning with sustainability goals.

What are work management systems for utilities?

Work management systems for utilities are platforms that help utility companies manage and coordinate tasks, resources, and communications efficiently. DataCapable’s software integrates these capabilities, ensuring seamless operation during outage and maintenance

What is a utility outage management system?

A utility outage management system is a specialized platform designed to monitor, manage, and respond to utility outages. DataCapable’s utility outage management system offers real-time data, precise tracking, and effective communication tools to ensure a swift and organized response to any outage.

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